Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Taking a leaf from Jamielc

After seeing Jamie's lovely Poems of San Juan, I couldn't resist.

Oh Isotopes Oh Isotopes, a slow
Process for collagen and apatite.
Rotary tool it grinds and cleans, then lo
sore fingers, hand, and wrist. Goombye eyesight.
My carpal tunnel hurts like hell, and I've
been standing half a day for samples twelve
in number. Singing dust, the fumehood jive!
NPR yawn, in acid baths we delve
the samples and my hand, oh s**t, oh f**k
that hurt a bit. Yikes, baking soda helps
and water too. If I've got any luck
No contamination 'a develops
I hope to load and run them soon, so we
Can see if Taos turkeys Corn-fed be.

Well, I should get off to bed so I can arise early and beat Deepak to the shower, bike in if it doesn't rain, and rinse the NaOH with dH2O eight times so we don't make salt during the next step. After this, I suspect I will prep more samples and have my arm go numb for the rest of the day and night. Stan seems to think if I wore more clothes, I would have less numbness. Maybe I will try a sweater. After living all winter at 55, the UIUC Anthropology department's thermostat set near 70 degrees seems positively balmy.

Tonight, I will wear my brace to bed and hopefully have some arm function in the morning. I have also started taking guggal, an herb used mainly for lowering cholesterol. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and thins blood. Last time I took it, my arm felt much better. Though after 3 months I had to stop because of slight stomach upset. By that time my arm was in good shape, and my cholesterol rocked! Was it a placebo effect? Perhaps. At that time, I also was supervising 6 undergrads so I didn't dig but an hour a day. Still, a month in the Taos heat with nary a twinge, that's pretty darn good. Based on this bit of success during the summer of 2005, I'll give the platelet-stickiness-reducing guggal another go, because I don't want to do aspirin any more than I have to. If the guggal doesn't work, then I guess there's always the amazing diuretic duo --coffee and beer. Mmmm coffee and beer. Unfortunately, I should only try one remedy at a time, and the guggal can take up to 3 weeks to kick in. Decisions, decisions.

I do want to be able to use my hand when I have to measure out micrograms for the machine. It's not as if I didn't have enough to look forward to with the essential tremor. I wasn't counting on ET plus carpal tunnel numbness and pain. My arm will just have to get better.

It can't get much worse.

Well, there was that one summer in a Nebraska poopfield, when someone (a handsome nameless archaeologist who luckily treated me to DQ blizzards or he wouldn't have gotten any at all that summer) had me weed-wacking for 8 hours....and to this day nothing has been that bad for my hand.

Weed-wacking for 8 hours, to survey on my knees for 6 flakes in a poopfield, made the numbness last for months....it was like the energizer bunny of numbness.....oh, sad sad hands.....I wish I had some DQ now.


Blogger pughd said...

"Goombye" - Isn't that where Jane Goodal does her research?

Also, consider trying Redhook's Blackhook Ale in place of the Guggal. It's brewed with coffee, but not as overwhelming as ABC's breakfast stout.

Anyway, ad poopfieldia per aspera.

5:41 AM  

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